Established in November 2011, with headquarters in Turin, Italy, PRIMAVIS mission is to design, to produce and to commercialize best in class conventional and hybrid propulsion systems for UAV’s and light airplanes.
PRIMAVIS, in cooperation with BRC, leader automotive Tier 1, part of the NASDAQ listed company Fuel System Solutions, has been developing a very innovative clean and efficient two stroke engine (0.5 kg/kW), with direct injection and volumetric supercharging technology.
The first running prototype will be assembled in June 2013 and tested at the BRC research center in Cherasco, Italy.
Single, two and three cylinder configurations (from 15 up over 200 kW power output) have been deeply analysed and results were demonstrated with support of independent research institutes, like University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and University of Florence.

In order to provide a complete hybrid powertrain, PRIMAVIS is currently developing electric motors and inverters in cooperation with Fidia S.p.A., company listed at the Milan Stock Exchange and leader in the production of numerical controls, drives and machine tools for the aerospace market.

PRIMAVIS will present at the Paris air show (booth F294) the mock-up of an UAV with a series hybrid powertrain configuration, characterized by

• Single cylinder APU (Auxiliary Power Unit, also called Range Extender), 500 cc, 60 kW max, <60 kg overall weight (34 kg being the Internal Combustion Engine);
• Propulsion electric motor VA2-SKY 65 "Valentino", 65 kW max, which set a new speed world record in its class in June 2009 with the airplane SkySpark.