Along with a broad know-how and understanding of the aeronautic requirements and technology trajectories, the UAV/OPV Supply Chain provide customizable solutions of light unmanned aircrafts and relevant subsystems for each customer’s specific needs.

The UAV/OPV provides comprehensive solutions for:

- Fixed Wings

- Rotary Wings (Multirotors)

- Airships

- Hybrid Solutions All the UAV are durable, flexible, and reliable, which provides a long-term, low-cost lifecycle for our products.

The UAV/OPV provide state of the art technology which allow the customers to manage complex missions to remote control with the highest employment capacity of airspace.


The systems offer a whole some capacity:

- acquire information with a wide dynamic instrumental resolution

- carry out reconnaissance missions with distance from the target by less than a meter to more than 4000m

- perform reconnaissance combined with altitude and speed profiles of different

- manage measurement from inside controlled airspace

- return information processed according to the needs of the client.

Expertise and Skills includes:

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: UAV development and prototype manufacturing for wide range of civil application; airplane critical flight modes study on unmanned free flying dynamically similar models.

Remote Sensing: remote sensing systems development and aerial images processing.

Market segments:

- Observation and detection of data in areas affected by floods, floods, volcanic eruptions, landslides, mudslides, avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis.

- Monitoring of wooded areas, parks and fire prevention summer.

- Precision Agriculture

 - Coasts and fishing areas control

- Support missions of search and rescue (SAR), coastal and marine.

- Air support to public security. Observation and perlustramento highway traffic and large public works.

- Perlustramento for the detection of illegal dumps and construction in the plains and wooded areas.

- Power and Railway lines control.

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