Propulsion Systems & Engine Components (PS&EC)

PS&EC is specialized in high technology Supply Chain focused on propulsion systems and high precision of aeroengine components.

The ability to successfully engineer, manufacture and integrate complex components, sub-systems and/or systems is something that PS&EC have developed through an extensive experience.

PS&EC adopt the highest level of technology to produce systems and components from raw materials to the most demanding features and tolerances.

The unique expertise and state-of-the-art research, design, development and manufacturing capabilities encompasses a wide range of markets including:

• Aero Engine

• Space

• Commercial and Defense Aircrafts

• Power Generation

• Offshore & Marine

Expertise and Skills includes:

- Design

- Engineering

- Materials and Processes

- Multi Disciplinary Optimisation

- Industrialization

- Prototyping

- Testing

- Qualification

- Full Rate production

Products and Services:

- Engine components and Sub-Assy

- Critical Rotating applications

- Frames, Links, Brackets sub-systems

- Cooling Fan Equipments

- Mechatronic equipments for aero-engines and aero-structures

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