Machining, Machinery and Tooling (MM&T)

MM&T is a cross-segment Supply Chain vertically integrated able to satisfy the manufacturing requirements of the most demanding aerospace customers.

The global presence and high management skills allow to undertake commitments of any size and all of over the world. MM&T include:

- Machining - Machinery

- Tooling


- Machining is an integrated enterprise consortium able to carry out high-technology manufacturing processes to meet the most demanding customer requirements and expectations.

Leveraging on its in-house machining capabilities, MM&T offer a wide range of precision machining of parts, components and assembly for Aerospace, Helicopter and Defense Markets worldwide, up to large series production.

MM&T-Machining product portfolio include also and medium size components as well as the production of fastener and fitting (bolts, washers, bushings and connectors) for aeroengine sector.

- Technologies/Capabilities:

. Turning: CNC and spindle turning units with double and motorized turrets equipped with either bar feeders (up to 80 mm) or buffer loader and manipulator for blank or raw part machining.

. Milling: 3,4,5-axis incl. high speed milling for small, medium and large parts up to 4.000 x 2.000mm., turning up to diam. 800mm.

- Special Processes: EDM wire cut & die sinking. Non Destructive Tests, Heat Treatments and Superficial treatments performed by Qualified Suppliers.


- Machinery is a worldwide leading producer of single machines, full turnkey cells and plants solutions, from manual to high end automation and from local to global.

. Wet Processing Flux washer/small board washer, Stainless steel developing machine, Stainless steel stripping machine, Plastic etching machine.

. Drilling and Riveting Automation Systems Based on a mechatronic approach a wide range of turnkey solutions which include design and manufacture of Drilling/Riveting automatic systems and Drilling and stringer/clip Riveting.

. Laser Drilling systems of cooling holes on hot turbine engine parts Laser machines able to measure/find the parts with the use of integrated sensors enabling the customers to fulfill the narrowest airflow requirements on parts.

. High Speed Milling High speed 5 axes milling centers specifically designed to machine complex aeronautical parts. Top of technology systems suitable for a wide range of aerospace materials, like composite, carbon fibre, ceramics, aluminum and austenitic alloys.

. Full Turn-Key Cells and Plants From concept to Engineer and Manufacture full productions systems to satisfy customer’s required performance, cost and timing objectives.


- Tooling is a global provider of Broaching Tools giving the most in tool life, speed, reliability and economy.

MM&T-Tooling design and manufacture new tooling for broaching machines. Based on part specifications, MM&T-Tooling determine adequate length, pitch, tooth load, and face and clearance angles.

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