Interiors is the most prestigious Italian Supply Chain designers committed to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Interiors is a global leader in the design, manufacture and support of a number of advanced systems that enhance safety, performance and aesthetics across a wide range of civil, commercial and military aircraft.

Expertise and Skills includes:

- Design and Engineering: Mechanical engineering, Mechanical component and system design of metal and composite structures, Software design and integration, Harnesses engineering, Space systems design, Optical systems design, artificial intelligence, digital automatic controls.

- Numerical simulation & virtual analysis (mechanical, fluid dynamics, chemical processes, prototype components design), FEM analysis, CFD, software design, development, validation and maintenance.

- Ergonomy: postural and cognitive ergonomics, visibility, accessibility, components installation, maintenance.

- Innovation in materials: carbon fibre, laminated materials, thermoplastic matrix thermoformable composite, patented eco-leather, nanotechnology thin and heat resistant coating

- Innovative production technologies: thermoplastic, thermoformable composite, additive manufacturing - Electronics systems and optic fiber sensors integration designed and certified according to the different customer requests, - In-flight entertainment: audio menu for passengers with visual impairment, Internet phone calls, virtual gym (Kinect technology), monitoring of passengers health, ….

- Certification and Approval Support, Training Customer-focused R&D activities continue to advance design techniques and material selection to benefit any aircraft requirements.

MANUFACTURING COMPONENTS IN: Composite materials, Carbon Fibre Laminated Materials Aluminium, Magnesium, Nickel, Titanium Alloys; Plastics Sheet Metal, Steel

PRODUCTS and SERVICES: Precision machining (Aerostructures, Engine, Space) Electrical and electronics components Avionic and electric harnesses Eco-leather, Fabrics, Adhesives & Coatings Hydraulic and precision mechanical systems Antennas / Antenna Systems

PRODUCTS Seats and interiors Equipment Furnishings In-flight entertainment Electronics, optical systems, Artificial intelligence, Digital automatic controls, Navigation Systems & Equipment Simulator Equipment

TESTING Software System & Application Testing Environmental EMC, radio, electrical safety, vibration, acoustics Test Equipment for composite materials Laser and Thermal scanners

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