On Board Avionics & Ground Support Equipment

OBA&GSE Supply Chain provides the best integrated avionic data logging technologies to meet the general aviation demand in terms of performance and costs.

OBA&GSE encompasses a wide range of system integrated solutions for embedded systems, mechatronic system integration, HIL and SIL, engineering services, software development and electronics production.

OBA&GSE is a the best example example of a successful private company in Italy. It's an efficient combination of skills and solid knowhow provided by selected and identified network with a long experience in design, implementation and certification of avionic systems.

Expertise and Skills includes:

- Model Based Design - Modeling & Simulation

- Rapid Prototyping, Prototype manufacturing

- HIL and SIL

- Quality assurance(RAMS Analysis and V&V)

- Human Machine Interfaces

- Integrated Solutions for Embedded Systems

- Mechatronic System Integration

- FEM analysis

- Artificial intelligence

- Complex FPGA solutions

- CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

- Mechanical and Electrical Manufacturing

- Multilayer Ceramic substrates manufacturing

- SMD Assembly, Bare dice handling, Hermetic sealing

- Rad-hard component procurement, ESA and MIL screening

- Composite Materials

- Design and Manufacturing of Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI)

- Energy Harvesting

- Thermal Analyses and Passive Thermal Control Design

- Qualification and Certification services

- Technical Training and Education

- Design and Manufacturing of Mechanical Ground Support Equipment

- European Current & Future Launchers (e.g. Ariane 5 / Ariane 6)

- ISS Operations Support and Astronauts training

- NEO Exploitation - Novel Materials, Materials Processes & Functionalization

- Space Debris Capture, Removal and related Robotics

- Space Logistic Vehicles (ATV-derivative Evolutions)

- Wireless Sensor Networks OBA&GSE is characterized by an high level of innovation, efficiency and flexibility.


OBA&GSE is characterized by an high level of innovation, efficiency and flexibility.


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