Technical Working Groups

A new tool for local and foreign companies to develop innovative projects sharing skills and innovation.

With the support of Politecnico di Torino and research centers, new technologies, processes and appealing subjects in the research field are being developed in order to satisfy innovation trends and meet demands by the international markets.


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Technical working groups

UAV/OPV Multiplatforms


The integrated UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) – OPV (Optionaly Piloted Vehicle) allow to manage complex remoted missions maximizing the airspace employment.

The system provides as a whole some capacity:

- To...

Additive Manufacturing

A technology available to put material directly in the right place instead of removing it only were it is possible.

Suited for almost all materials and open to the development of new ones.

A wonderful technology to forgive designers...

Space Systems

Aircraft Structures and Interiors

“Aircraft Structure and Interiors” – Project “INNOVATIVE SEAT”

Developing of an aircraft seat concept with some innovative features through innovative design methods and technologies:

STYLE - Cross fertilization from other technology sectors


Aerospace components and systems

TWG “Aerospace Components and Systems” – Project THETIS

Main objective: to develop new capabilities and know-how for a national level competence center on Launch Vehicles Avionic Technologies.

National background: some partial and non-homogeneous...