Prima Electro is a Contract Electronics Manufacturing company based in Italy, that industrializes product ideas offering a turnkey service solution for a broad range of applications. Prima Electro is a full-service technology company and a leading player in the embedded product market, with a strong know-how in industrial, transports & energy markets. DOTS (Dedicated-Off-The-Shelf) is the business model that designs the electronics, mechanics and software of a product, translating clients’ ideas into specifications and supporting them during all the stages of the project. Prima Electro aims to offer dedicated power and control electronic solutions with the same industrialization level as any industrial commercial product, fast time-to-market, specialized engineering design, professional manufacturing capabilities and after sale services.

Prima Electro is committed to sell, develop, manufacture, test and deliver electronic systems solutions to leading industrial companies. Proven experience, advance research and cross-fertilization of ideas from different fields, are key to make Prima Electro one of the main players in the embedded electronics market.