Metrologia SpA addresses the market with a proposal of competitive services in the field of applied three-dimensional metrology, with the aim of meeting any Customer requirement.

Metrologia engineers – most of whom have over ten years experience in the industry – are aware that the company's success depends on the quality, timeliness and effective usefulness and effectiveness of what is offered to the Customer.
Metrologia engineers provide services with consolidated expertise and a strong service spirit; they always have at their disposal the most suitable instrumentation for each specific need, the result of thorough analysis, selection and testing of the most modern and diverse technologies.

Metrologia SpA has grown to become the ideal partner for Customers working in areas with a high quality content, both in terms of services such as testing, metrological analysis, reverse engineering, CAD modelling, training and outsourcing services, as well as technical assistance, programming and delivery of measuring machines with certificates of conformity.

Metrologia SpA means reliability in the quality control process in the three-dimensional metrology field.