MARC INGEGNO is a service company for aeronautics created and managed by Alberto Marchini, pilot and aircraft manufacturer that operates in the field since 1982

We were born mainly offering wheels and brakes for ultralight aircraft. Over the years, achieving experience and technology, we have greatly expanded the range of interest, therefore today we can supply complex machined components complete, landing gears for planes, shock absorbers, tested braking systems and even certified welding. We also produce and sell a super Stol ultralight plane: the Parrot.

We are able to follow an order from its design to finished and tested product even for small series and prototypes with great fluency. This allows us quick delivery times even for the supply of complex assy.

We are a close-knit team of technicians / operators, we work in groups optimizing resources and time, being able to better satisfy our customers both in terms of the delivery of the orders, both in the search for new products, and also in the resolution of technical and design problems. The whole team is encouraged to follow ongoing technical updating across the board, so our operators are always aware with the technological innovations and stimulated towards improvement.

The long experience in the aeronautical field led us to be able to grant full traceability of our production cycle and the serialization of each component that we supply.

Our test bench is completely designed and built in-house, allows us to develop an ad hoc design optimizing the overall weight of the braking system; it is a versatile and adaptable system  for any needs, since we are owners of the project, its development and also the related software.



Our production can be summarized in:

Landing gears for planes and UAVs

Wheels and brakes up to MTOW 2000 Kg

Oil-gas shock absorbers

Complexes machined components in aluminum, steel, special steel (titanium, Inconel, 4130, 174PH), magnesium

Engine mounts, throttle and yokes, air boxes, components for braking systems, axles, spinners, ski, spare parts and aircraft components on demand on customer drawing.