LICAT is 60 years competitive in supplying high precision gears transmission systems, gearboxes, complete solutions for power transmission, worm gears, spline shafts, toothed sectors, couplings and frontal inserts, both as a small series or as individual items.

LICAT satisfies total customer needs, including material supply, heat treatment, complete machining, testing, and is directly responsible for destructive / non-destructive testing and inspection, using internal personnel in accordance with the ASNT regulations; orders can also be taken for specific process operations, with material supplied by the customer.

LICAT frequently works with internationally recognized Survey Organizations; the Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001 and AS/EN/BS/JIS 9100.

Moreover, LICAT is member and actually Cluster Leader of AENCOM Cluster, leader of fully integrated solutions for Aero-ENgine COMponents, sub-assemblies and equipment: from design to full rate production!