Italprogetti S.r.l. has been working in the mechanical engineering sector since 1991; it manufactures special machines, prototypes, parts of complex systems and precision metalwork (iron and stainless steel) on behalf of third parties.

The organisation is designed to support the customer since the project phase, thanks to its thirty-year experience. The company works exclusively on a commission basis, applying working methods able to accept, interpret and meet the strictest requests in terms of quality and reliability; it also implements projects with a high technical-constructive engagement, which are carried out within the fixed deadlines and according to the methods established in the supply agreements.

Thanks to its distinctive entrepreneurial choices, Italprogetti S.r.l. has increased the number of people and means available and is now a trusted reference for national and international customers in different sectors.

The production extends over a surface of 12,000 m2, of which 4,500 covered, and employs a highly qualified staff made of more than 30 collaborators and two operational partners.

The company can deal with the whole production process:

  • By developing the project through a technical department equipped with the most recent and up-to-date drawing software CAD-3D, which is able to advise customers, study the most complex drawings and then identify the most suitable solutions;
  • By dealing with the supply of raw materials and subcontracting;
  • By building the project through the following production departments: preparation department (equipped with laser cutting, shear, CNC folding machine and CNC punching machine), welding department with a highly specialised staff, painting department and final assembly department (with electrical and pneumatic system);
  • By ensuring the highest precision and implementation quality within short deadlines and at low prices.