HTF was founded in 2008 by a spin-off of Ilmas group, a company that operates in aerospace field since 1946, and from which it inherits engineers, workshop personnel and production equipment.

HTF born from the desire to create a center of excellence for  manufacturing of complex sheet metal components, able to support domestic and international customers.

Since its foundation, as an indipendent company, taking advantage of over 25 years experience of the present staff, HTF has worked to consolidate its position in the Aeronautical field, participating to the realization of relevant importance products.

Thanks to the know-how and the advanced technologies, HTF currently cooperates with the main industries of the field.

Located in Torino, close to Caselle Airport, HTF occupies a 5.000 square meter manufacturing facility. HTF employs state-of-the-art equipment and processes including ERP, which integrates, engineering, shop floor control, quality, and accounting processes.