We are a precision mechanical engineering company based in Busano (Turin). We cover an area of 3000 square meters of which 1500 occupied by the main plant. We utilize CNC machines to work on component in small and medium sized batches with an excellent track of quality benchmarks and delivery time. We developed in the years our internal quality management system as prescribed by the UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2008 regulation

We produce precision mechanical components mainly as subcontractors in the industrial component sector, we matured our experience in manufacturing components while working for companies operating in earth-moving machinery, automotive, chemical, textile, oil, manufacturing, etc. sector. Our company's strengths are in the customer care, to guarantee his complete satisfaction and expectations, and our ability to constantly innovate

To do so we allocate a significant percentage of our revenues in investment to renew our machinery and the equipment, in order to keep them fully efficient and on the edge the technological evolution.