Eurofork S.r.l., founded in year 2000, is an Italian company which produces automatic handling systems. With its over 20  years of know-how learned in the handling field, Eurofork today is one of the leading players on the global market concerning the production of telescopic forks, for both number of units produced and for its turnover.
In addition to the division Telescopic forks, the company boasts two other areas: the Service department that deals with after sales assistance, maintenance, and purchasing of parts sales, and ESMARTSHUTTLE® division specialized in the design and manufacture of shuttle systems for multi depth automated warehouses.

Eurofork's headquarters and production site are merged with the great mechanical engineering reality, represented by the city of Turin. At the same time, Eurofork is present worldwide with other technical, sales and service offices in Italy, Germany, Romania and China with a total staff consists of about 50 employees.
Eurofork designs, produces and sells its products, availing itself of highly specialized and skilled technicians able to analyze each customer's request. The willingness of increase its innovation is certified also by the international patents which Eurofork holds.

Eurofork systems are distributed in over 30 countries for a total yearly turnover of more than 8 million euros. During its 15 years of activity, Eurofork has produced more than 13.000 handling devices used in several industrial sectors as AS/RS, automotive, food industry and aeronautics.
Eurofork's goal is to be always synonym of reliability, flexibility and innovation.
Company's past, present and future consist in the ambition to propose always more innovative products granting Customers with cutting edge solutions and really tangible benefits.