Design and manufacture of CUSTOM electronic equipment.

Design and production of low-cost and low-power monitoring systems with wireless sensors.

Founded in 1973 as a company dedicated to the design and contract manufacturing, Capetti Elettronica is today configured  as a manufacturing company, which employs 35 people, able to design and implement high standard quality systems and equipment at technology service.

The strong point is the meeting between high design skills and production capacity. The company has adopted a certified quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 able to support the entire supply chain "from design to production of the finished/packed product."

The organization heavily focused on customer needs, joining the relentless pursuit of advanced technological solutions, the know-how and the experience, the continuous collaboration with research centers and universities (Polytechnic and University of Turin, INRIM), the will to develop its own manufacturing vocation, motivated the company to support the consolidated activities of CUSTOM designing and producing with innovative equipment (products & systems) on its own devising. Currently, the company has focused its development on two specific lines of products:

WINECAP Product Line (WIreless NEtwork for Energy & Environment Custom APplication)

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Temperature, Temperature and Humidity, CO2, Dataloggers.
  • Wireless Modules for thermal and electricity meters reading.
  • WLI (Wireless Local Interface) modules to interface the wireless sensor network with third-party devices.
  • RTU Remote Terminal Unit for telematics applications with multiple connection interfaces: RS 232-485, USB, Lan, W-Lan, ADSL, GSM/GPRS, EDGE/UMTS
  • Wireless Day Degrees Meter

CUSTOM Product Line

  • Hardware and Firmware design and production of inverter motor controls.
  • Hardware and Firmware design and production of High Voltage Power devices.
  • Hardware and Firmware design and production of high speed trains bearings monitoring systems. 
  • Hardware and Firmware design and production of rail HVAC systems.
  • Hardware and Firmware design and production of LED power supplies.
  • Hardware and Firmware design and production of WSN's (Wireless Sensor Network) sensors, routers, and gateways. 
  • Hardware and Firmware design and production of DDC (Direct Digital Control) controllers for HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) temperature control.


The electronics devices built by Capetti Elettronica, are made in a complete circle: starting from the customer's idea adding proposals to identify the technical/economical best solution.

Following the design, prototypes and tests that are performed, with the continued cooperation and feedback of the client, allowing optimization and industrialization of the finished product. In the production phase, each unit is equipped with all the necessary certifications, and all the required documentation, ensuring quality and protection regulations, in order to allow a proper use.

The service of Capetti Elettronica, continues with the assistance and updating on technological innovation, which allows you to consolidate and continuously improve the performance of the products manufactured.