BART has dealt with broaches and broaching far over forty years, placing itself amongst the leaders in the precision mechanics sector in Italy. BART is certified ISO9001/2008.
We are able to respond quickly and efficiently to the most complex and varied request in the field of broaching in general and in the projecting and building of broaches, also helical and special, with the utmost competence and professionality. BART is innovation, it has never stopped innovating, researching and adapting to the changed needs of a more and more competitive market.
BART is tradition, the consolidated experience is ready to serve every new project; technical competence and research are at the disposal of a more and more demanding, qualified and international clients. The tools and third-party services that we offer are the result of this extraordinary combination. Since January 2005, BART has had its headquarters in a new technologically advanced plant which sets itself in the forefront in the green policy for the maximum respect for the environment and in the application of safety laws for workers. A factory planned in work areas conceived to manage manufacturing processes in the best way, outstanding for all kinds of work.