AMET (Applied Mechatronic Engineering and Technologies) is a high-tech engineering company, active in the design, development and testing of mechanic and mechatronic products and processes, based on numerical simulation. It works mainly into the transportation market (automotive, railway, aerospace).
AMET mission is to provide its customers with best-in-class solutions – i.e. methodologies, technologies and engineering services – for the design and development of industrial products, exploiting an integrated multi-domain model-based approach, to assure optimum system performance.
AMET expertise covers mechanics, electronics, automatic controls and software.
Its offer is structured in different application and competence areas: structural analysis and optimization, in particular passive safety, biomechanics, NVH, fatigue, vehicle dynamics, CFD, using finite element modelling and multibody. Furthermore model based automatic control systems engineering and networking. Next product development consulting and finally test benches for hardware-in-the-loop testing and validation of embedded electronic control units.