ALTAIR Consortium was instituted on 2010 to join the skills and competencies of the partner companies in the aerospace sector and in other relevant experience fields.
The synergy of the skills on program management, engineering, supply of complete aeronautical parts, including Material, Machining (Turning, 5 Axis Millng and Grinding), NDT, Thermal & Surface Treatments and small Assemblies, avionic and electric harnesses for civil and military aircrafts, maintenance, manufacturing and repair, quality and OH&S management, training, logistic engineering, composite materials, design, test and validation – in aerospace and other fields - allows to the ALTAIR consortium to offer complete products and services and to be reliable partner.
Today in Altair Consortium eight companies work togheter: Alfa Meccanica S.r.l., Ares S.r.l., Bercella S.r.l., LMA S.r.l., Prestel Avio S.r.l., Setel Group S.r.l., Si.Me. S.r.l., Structura S.r.l.