The Aerotech Ltd., with 35 years of know-how in the aerospace industry, deals with the study, production engineering, engineering, reverse engineering, management and production of titanium components, steel and aluminum.

It also attends to provide full equipment (assembly jigs, locator, subgroups of automation lines) turnkey for use in aerospace, industrial, residential, commercial and tourist installations, works of public interest and industrial complexes.

The core business is focused in the construction of structural components of medium to large size (aluminum up to 7000 mm in length and titanium up to 4500 mm in length) and components of all sizes of aircraft and aerostructures (framework, intercostal, rib, panel , etc... ).

We carry out mechanical assembly activities of aircraft components and equipment in the complete supply of all sizes.

We also deal with the construction of molds for laminating of composite materials, foam, sheet metal forming and vacuum equipment for trimming.

We respect the requirements of construction of major international customers for components for the aerospace market and for all ground equipment.

The main processes in-house are: study Cad / Cam, cutting, waterjet cutting, 3/5 axis machining, surface polishing, Tig and Mig welding, mechanical assembly, special gluing, riveting, dimensional test with 3D measuring arm and traditional instruments.

The Aerotech uses a network of qualified suppliers for materials and for all the special processes applicable on aerospace and other sector.

Quality, dynamism and efficiency. High flexibility and regulatory compliance for all our processes.