The A. A. Modelleria s.r.l. was founded on 19 December 2008 as the successor company of the Modelleria Angelino s.a.s. . With a 40-year history and our long-standing experienced staff, we are specialist in the field of models and molds for the foundry industry. We are Master in the field of foundry tooling manufacturing in wood, resin and metal using traditional and conventional technology, such as CAD, CNC, CAM and Rapid Prototyping.

Thanks to in-house cutting-edge technologies, such as Laser- Sintering, we are able to offer the production of high quality and complex raw castings, machined parts or completed assemblies of Metal Casting Prototypes.We can realize highest quality and complexity levels at extremely fast production time by using our special rapid prototyping manufacturing technology. Our customers are operative in all industries, worldwide. We have successfully carried out projects in the automotive, truck, rail, marine and industrial engineering fields, as well as in aerospace applications. We are an international team open to communicate directly with your team in English, German, Hindi and Chinese.